Monday, February 7, 2011


By Travis Pond
Made of 100% recycled metal from motorcycles and guns

" This totem represents not what we should worship,but what we do" - Travis Pond

I have chosen this sculpture, because it has several things that appeal to me. First is is a fabricated, additive sculpture, made of 100% of recycled metal from motorcycles and guns. Second, The craftsmanship on this piece is incredible. Finally each character of the totem looks like some kind of bug. It is one of the sculptures on the street in Lake Oswego. I an unsure when it was constructed.

The artist has very strong feelings that our society is worshiping the wrong things. A totem, which represents Native American spiritual worship is used to show that our mindset has changed. The composition has a variety of colors, and definite mass as this piece stands over 20 feet tall. It is the size of an actual totem-pole. As for construction, each piece was cut and welded together to form shapes as intricate as eyes. Some of the characters seems to have expressions on their faces. Each character has a full detailed body with arm and legs, faces and complete bodies.

I think that this totem is a great reminder of how obsessed our society is with things, and when they are of no more use to us they are thrown away. I really enjoy seeing art made from recycled items. Waste is such a huge problem, and to see garbage turned into something beautiful is important as a reminder to reduce our garbage and reuse as much as we can, also that you can make art from anything, you just need imagination.

Teresa Neal

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