Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Final Project: Public Art

Alone or in groups, we will make models for a site-specific public art project.

Celebrate, draw attention to, or critique the site. What inherent values does the site have? What is its history? Is there something about it that is threatened? Is there something undervalued you’d like to call attention to? Any or all of these should be considered. Will there be an interactive component? Will it be ephemeral? What materials will be used?

Step one: Make sketches & conceptual written plans

Step two: Make scale models & budgets, in hopes of convincing the rest of us it is realistic to make & valuable

Feel free to have a utopian vision...

Dates & Deadlines:

Weds 2/23         Visit Public Art Sites, discuss

Mon 2/28          Discuss ideas, Proposal Writing & Budget Demo 

Weds 3/2           Sites chosen, Sketches Due

Mon 3/7             Budgets & Proposals Due

Weds 3/9            Scale Models & Revised Proposals/Budgets due

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