Thursday, February 17, 2011

Second First Thursday

When I was walking in the Hollywood district I noticed this piece.  It is right outside of the Providence office building.  I looked for a plaque or something of that sort so that I would be able to identify the artist however, nothing was apparent.  This is basically a large umbrella that is upside down.  It appears to be somewhat of a additive sculpture.  It looks as though the artist started by placing the materials where they wanted the materials to go, they than tacked them, welded and continued to build up the materials and then they would grind them in order to make them look identical, linear and smooth.  This helps to give that appearance that it is simply one unit. 
The inside of this sculpture appears to be kinetic.  It seems as though one would actually be able to open and close this massive thing. However, it is totally stationary.  I am guessing, but I believe that it appears to be made out of brass and mild steel.  The eight prongs are evenly distributed in away that it feels like the umbrella could close at any minute.
I think that this piece has a good sense of fun to it.  It is placed at the top of running water possibly indicating that the down pour is done is done for a while.  Although, this piece is made out of metal it feels like it is somewhat light.  Almost as though it is ready to fly away at any instance.  
Heather Herberg

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