Sunday, February 6, 2011

Nancy Clough, "Spirits of Light"

This sculpture is a piece by nancy Clough name "Spirits of Light". It is formed out of steel and bronze and was created at Marylhurst University. It now resides in downtown Lake Oswego in front of an apartment building. This sculpture is freestanding on top of a pedestal that looks as though it is covered with a bronzed cloth. The form consists of three implied bodies stacking on top of each other. the implied bodies would make this figurative; referring to human form or shape. The illusion of these bodies bending and flipping over one another creates an alternating rhythm and a flowing eye line for the viewer. I feel as though the was the characters are interacting and consciously supporting one another creates a sense of unity. This is a unity that is continuous and harmonious. Personally, I really enjoy this sculpture. I like how it is presented to the audience and what the given name in reference to the visual leads the viewer to believe it represents.

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