Thursday, February 10, 2011

1st thursday AppleStore MacBook Air Window display

display of ready made objects fills up the windows of the apple store downtown
the balloons may look like latex or rubber but They're probably made of plastic
the paint used is what completes this illusion there are 35 balloons or rather balloon like sculptures. Thin strings hold one of the balloons up along with a MacBook Air this makes it look like the balloon is floating away with the MacBook Air. This display was put together to celebrate the launch of the new macbook air. While this is a ready made sculpture the macBook Air is a mix between a subtractive and additive sculpture. It' subtracive in the fact that apple carves the aluminum case out of a block of aluminum instead of bending aluminum sheets into shape they say that makes their macBook more sturdy. Then is additive because the put in the electronic components, LCD screens and the plastic buttons that make up the keyboard. There's as well a nice contrast between the balloons curvilinear structure and the MacBook air's rectilinear structure.

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  1. Write about this in detail if this is going to be your 1st. Thurs. assignment! It's a very cool installation.