Sunday, February 6, 2011

Rachel Denny, "Buckshot"

One artist who I really enjoy, is Rachel Denny. Her work, which actually relates to our upcoming trophies project and mold demo, is inspired by nature and recreated with found objects and unexpected materials. One of my favorite works of hers is dubbed "Buckshot", a free-standing, life-size deer for made of lead, nails, foam, wood and steel. What I love about it is the juxtaposition of the manufactured feel of the steel and nails, and the natural form of the deer. This had to be quite an endeavor, and she successfully pulled it off.

The deer form seems to be covered with different geometrical shapes cut out of steel which are then nailed to the form. Leaving the nails exposed gives a seriousness to the piece. The smooth curves of the animal is a stark contrast against the sharp pentagons and squares covering the figure. Even the hammering pattern on the metal adds intentional texture to the piece. Her attention to detail on the face and the muscles of the deer is uncanny and the scale of the animals brings a sharp realism to the work.

It is important to notice Denny's placement and presentation of work in the gallery. Even in "Buckshot" she places brilliantly white textured fabric underneath the sculpture; again, to juxtapose the hard, cold steel. Examining her online portfolio, it is evident that she knew exactly where each piece would go while constructing. They are hanging, mounted on the wall, set on pedestal, or she even creates a structure for it to sit on (check out "Original Sin").

Take a look at her portfolio here.

-Kristen Petsche

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