Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Dumbest, The Ugliest

The Dumbest and Ugliest award went to this piece by Lexa Walsh. The piece is assembled of found objects including recycled paper, tape, and string. It was chosen because of its simple, minimalist content. The form is a freestanding slightly geometric assemblage that achieves simplicity with the absence of rhythm, variety, and unity among other things. The minimalist construction is visually uninteresting and plain with unseen space enclosed or consisting of crumpled paper. Little variety is achieved with the clear, glossy visual texture of the tape that covers the whole form, yet there is a hint of harmony created by its repeated pattern. Bland value over all allows the string to bring slight contrast as it introduces color, which acts as the focal point and directs the eye to follow it around the form. Scale and familiarity encourages kinetic interaction with the piece. Intended for the sole purpose of being dumb and ugly the common materials draws the viewer to experience the piece by picking it up, crumpling it, or squishing it's crumpled paper contents like a wad of unwanted class notes.

Michelle Caldwell

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