Sunday, February 20, 2011

Dumb and Ugly

pastedGraphic.pdfToday was a absolutely fabulous day for being a archeologist.  My colleague and I found this sensational piece.   It has been decided due to the dinosaurs, that this piece is no less than two hundred and fifty million years old.  One can understand how lucky that we are to find something that is so well preserved.  You can tell that this piece had a good influence on Greek architecture due to the columns.  We find it so interesting that the little GI Joe, the Indian and the sheriff have all decided to take battle upon one and other instead of working together to kill the gigantic dinosaurs that are about to eat them.  It is vary easy to see that this piece originated in Tahiti, due to the little umbrella that once fit so comfortably in a cocktail.  The landscape is bare due to the fact that the large volcano on Tahiti has just erupted.  These where some of the only survivors.  This piece was brought to the United States on a boat 200 million years ago by Chief Nanapukit.  He loved it so much that he put it in a time capsule and buried it.
-Heather Herberg

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