Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dumb & Ugly For Life

After years of sifting through various layers of dirt and sediment, archaeologists finally uncovered a century old art piece that has come to be known as "Dumb String on Ugly Paper." This assemblage of string, paper and other various materials has intrigued and turned heads in disgust, causing some people to exclaim "No more!" and is looking create a new category of art in museums called Dugly.

The assemblage of paper, tape, and string evokes such a feeling of disgust that it is difficult to call this art. However, given the abstractions of the time, it is being called art regardless. One could assume that a small child may have constructed this bulbous crumpled paper on there day off of school. Or perhaps during a 5 minute break from it. The ability to interact with the sculpture does give it a sense of playfulness and one the sense of enjoyment, however, on its own it stands purely as a hodge podge of stuff.

- Enrico Macias-Zepeda

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