Sunday, February 20, 2011


This semi-figurative, representational piece, which I will call Elbone, recalls the form of a large bison or mammoth dinosaur from a time long ago. historians can tell us very little about where it comes from or what its purpose was. it is composed of foam, wood and spring. the juxtapositioning of the more industrial pink foam, the more organic wooden textured front  and the fibrous string brings a feeling of tension to an otherwise simplistic form.

The rough edges add another textural element and also bring into question if perhaps this item may have been created by a culture indigenous to the area, and makes us very aware of the process.  Elbone carries with it a very Post-modern feeling of displacement, ambiguity, uncertainty, and contradiction. The wood grain extending off of the wood horizontally cuts the viewer's eyeliner jarringly at the edges. As simplistic as Elbone is, the unexpected edges and unrealistic but semi-figurative proportions give both visual interest and provoke thought.

 Also, really hideous and stupid.

Sad I missed this day :( Looks like a lot o fun.

-adi dov

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