Monday, December 20, 2010


Art 117 - Foundation Studio II: Three-Dimensional Design

Winter 2010       MW 9:00 - 11:50      NH 255      Instructor: Lexa Walsh

Course Description:
Intro to 3D Design is an introductory course to familiarize students with fundamental principles and language for art making through exercises in three dimensions. Students investigate physical properties of form, the interaction of forms in space, the inherent qualities of and experimentation with materials, basic methods of fabrication and methods for critically evaluating works of art and design. Illustrated lectures, readings, demonstrations, discussions, filed trips and studio projects place the exploration within contemporary and art historical contexts.

Course Objectives:
  • ·        Create a fun, safe, vibrant, inclusive learning environment
  • ·        Provide an understanding of basic principles and elements of three-dimensional form, space, and structure
  • ·        Provide experience with traditional and non-traditional materials and methods of fabrication
  • ·        Develop problem-solving skills used in creating three-dimensional art
  • ·        Prepare students to give and receive constructive critical feedback
  • ·        Make students aware of the diversity of contemporary practices and historical issues related to 3D
  • ·        Present a new vocabulary, alongside critical thinking and research skills
  • ·        Prepare students to work not only alone but also collaboratively

  • ·      Attend every class, barring illness
  • ·      Come to class on time and prepared
  • ·      Participate in class discussions, projects and activities
  • ·      Be willing to work collaboratively with other students
  • ·      Keep a notebook for inspirations and ideas
  • ·      Keep cell phones and portable music devices off during class time (we can discuss having music during studio time)
  • ·      Add to the class blog
  • ·      Clean up after yourselves

Attendance is required at all classes. Missing more than 20 minutes of the class will be considered an absence.  Attendance is taken at the beginning of class. If you are not present for attendance, you will be counted late. Arriving late 3 times will constitute an absence.
2 absences will result in a grade reduction (1/2 letter grade per absence).
Anyone missing 5 or more classes for any reason will not pass. Please see me if attendance becomes an issue.
If you are ill, please stay home, but you must contact me.

There will be a number of assigned projects, many of which will be followed by group critiques. These projects will employ experimental as well as traditional approaches to creating. Each project will have predefined intentions and goals.

Deadlines/ Critiques:

Critiques in studio classes are the equivalent of exams. Be on time, and participate in all critiques. Attendance at all critiques is mandatory. Critiques are designed to discuss the completed projects with your peers and to give and receive constructive feedback using a critical art vocabulary. You are expected to work 4+ hours per week outside of class as well as utilizing studio class times. Use this time wisely, and come to class prepared for the task at hand.

Inspiration Book/ Sketch Book: 
Keep a notebook or sketchbook of your thoughts, processes, ideas, research, names of artists, influences, and any other information that is part of your work in this class. Please keep a collection of images cut out from magazines, show cards, etc of anything that seems visually or conceptually interesting.  This book provides you a place to organize your thoughts and ideas, and will be a plethora of visual information to have at your fingertips. It also gives me insight to your processes, and an opportunity to give feedback on specific concepts. Be prepared to turn this book in regularly and bring it to every class.

First Thursday Gallery Visit/ Writing Assignments: 

On the first Thursday of every month, several galleries in the downtown area have openings. It is your responsibility to attend at least one opening each month and write a 1-page paper about a piece in the show. I would prefer it if the piece is a 3D piece, however if you can defend your choice to write about a 2D work, then I will accept it. In the paper please describe the piece (material, size, overall appearance), and discuss as many 3D terms as possible concerning the piece. This exercise is to build your understanding and appreciation of art and its vocabulary. These papers are due the Monday following the first Thursday of the month, and should be posted on the class blog.

Class Blog:
You are required to participate in the class blog, where you can post findings, inspirations, information about artists, and your 1st Thursday writing assignments. Changes to class schedules, material needs, etc. will be posted there so please keep active with the site.

Clean Up: 
At the end of each class, allow 10-15 minutes for clean up. Facilities are shared with a number of classes, so please be courteous. Store materials and in-progress works, wipe down tables, sweep up. Store projects in designated areas only. Remove all projects before finals week.

Keep informed of your progress: If you ever have any concerns about your progress let me know and I’ll be more than happy to sit down with you and discuss it. Be sure to speak up if you are having difficulties. I value your attendance, communication, interest and effort, and I want you to succeed.

Disability accommodation:

Accommodations are collaborative efforts between students, faculty, and the Disability Resource Center. Students with accommodations approved through the DRC are responsible for contacting the faculty member in charge of the course prior to or during the first week of the term to discuss accommodations. Students who believe they are eligible for accommodations but who have not yet obtained approval through the DRC should contact the DRC immediately.

Grading System:

A = Excellent: Exceeds criteria and exhibits a commitment to expanding ideas and vocabulary. Excellent attendance and participation.
B =  Good: Performance beyond requirements, meets criteria, and exhibits good progress in expanding ideas and vocabulary. Good attendance and participation
C = Satisfactory; Average performance, fulfills all requirements. Exhibits adequate level of interest in expanding ideas and vocabulary. Attendance, and participation passable.
D = Inferior: Uneven performance, requirements not fulfilled. Output is minimal, does not meet criteria of assignments. Minimal progress and interest in expanding ideas and vocabulary. Attendance, and participation are inadequate.
F = Failure: Fails to meet minimum performance level. Does not exhibit progress. Work is consistently incomplete. Attendance and participation are inadequate

Hot Glue Gun, preferably with two levels of heat, and glue sticks
Xacto knife or mat knife
Glue stick
Individual projects will require/inspire materials on a per project basis

Some places to shop:

Utrecht Art Supply
1122 NW Everett
(503) 417-8024

Columbia Art & Drafting
1515 E Burnside
(503) 232-2216

Pearl Hardware
NW 16th and Glisan
(503) 228-5135

Georgie’s Ceramic and Clay

756 NE Lombard

2915 NE MLK Blvd.
Portland, OR 97212
(503) 294-0769

Art Media – Downtown Store
902 SW Yamhill
(503) 223-3724

SCHEDULE (subject to change)
Projects                                                Due
            Human Sculpture                  1/5
            Instructables                           1/12
            Replicas                                   1/31
            Trophies                                   2/14
            Dumb-n-Ugly                           2/16
            Public Art                                 3/9
            First Thursday Jan                1/10
            First Thursday Feb                2/7
            First Thursday Mar                3/7
            Checked regularly
            Woodshop                                1/24
            Paper Mache                            1/26
            Carving                                      2/2
            Mold Making                             2/7 (alginate & plaster, litter & tar, plastic & tape, foam)           
            Soft Sculpture                          2/9

Week One
Mon   1/3            Introductions, go over syllabus, presentation of vocabulary, artist slide show                      
Weds 1/5            Human Sculpture in class activity & critique, Present Instructables Project

Week Two
Mon   1/10            First Thursday Assignment due, Work day
Weds 1/12            Instructables Crit

Week Three
Mon    1/17            SCHOOL HOLIDAY
Weds 1/19            present Replicas Project with slide show

Week 4
Mon     1/24          Wood Shop demo, work day
Weds   1/26          Paper Mache demo work day

Week 5
Mon      1/31          Replicas crit
Weds    2/2            Carving Demo, Present Trophies Project           

Week 6
Mon 2/7                Mold making demo, First Thursday Assignment due, Work day
Weds 2/9              Soft Sculpture Demo, Work day

Week 7
Mon 2/14               Trophies crit
Weds 2/16             Dumb & Ugly in-class project & slide presentation

Week 8
Mon   2/21            Present Final Project & slide presentation on public art & collaboration
Weds 2/23            Field Trip to Public Art Sites

Week 9
Mon     2/28            Proposal Writing Demo, Work Day
Weds   3/2              Work Day

Week 10
Mon      3/7            First Thursday Assignment Due, Work Day
Weds    3/9            Final Crit & Potluck

Suggested Reading:
Ways of Seeing, John Berger
Ancient Art in the Objective State, Robert Scranton
Artist Beware