Friday, March 11, 2011

Trophiphying my Trophy

So I finally have pictures to post of my re-done trophy for little grandma. The first issue that I addressed was the securing of the flowers so that they where fully attached to the trophy. I did so by glueing the floral wet foam into place and then poking the stems into it.

The second and third items that I added to make it more trophy-esque was a base and a little plaque. I chose to paint the base white and added a darker pink and yellow to the layered edges. I also added layered paper for the plaque to make it as clean as possible. Both items are attached with glue, and the colors where chosen to complement the flowers.
And this is it with all of its upgrades!

-Amy Grider

Also, I wasnt able to re do my picture of my presentation of the trophy to my grandma, When I got home I realized I didnt have any pictures at my house.

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