Monday, March 7, 2011

"A Gift For A Princess"

The piece I chose is a painting on an vinyl bust. This is a piece made up of a found object and acrylic and enamel pain. The artist Solace, had many works in the small gallery. She has a very unique style. Most of the characters or subject matter have elements of beauty with Gothic/Anime type characters. this piece to me has a definite sense of color and mass. It is an unexpected creative explosion that drew my attention right away.
One of the things that I really like about this piece was the way it was exhibited. It was in the Fifty 24PDX Gallery, which is a small light filled room attached to a retail store that also has murals and more art on the walls in the store. It was a different type of gallery that was geared towards a different sort of audience, one that doesn't usually go to a gallery, but will probably, take a walk over to just see what's there. It makes art accessible to more people. A lot of the paintings in the store were also printed on t-shirts, so you could walk out of the gallery/store with some of the art.
I really liked this type of gallery, the art was edgy, hip, and it draws you in on the pretense of a retail store. There were a couple of these type of galleries in this area, and It really does bring the gallery experience to a whole different group of people.

Teresa Neal

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