Tuesday, March 8, 2011

First Thursday - BASALT: A sight specific work by Eric Franklin

I was exploring campus and stumbled upon the new exhibit at the Autzen Gallery. I thought it was empty or under construction before I noticed the giant glass sculpture taking up the majority of the space. The freestanding transparent glass installation consisted of table-like shapes that had an alternating rhythm with scale and created variety with the form that seemed to progress to the largest point in the center. It's largest feature seemed to be placed in the center, adding to it's dominance and creating a sense of radial balance. The repetitive simplicity of smooth, clear glass was interrupted with the downward direction of the eye getting drawn in by the light-catching bulbs present in the slender, delicate pillars that hold up this elegant structure. I would recommend that everyone check it out. It's just down the hallway from class.

Michelle Caldwell

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