Monday, March 7, 2011

First Thursday

So, unfortunately I was sick last Thursday so I couldn’t make it out to any open galleries for First Thursday. I did happen to take a trip out to the Portland Rose Gardens this weekend though. Although it was a pretty dreary day when I went and there wasn’t anything cool going on with the roses, I did happen to stumble upon this very interesting piece of art. I don’t know if it is a statue or a monument representing anything, but it is a nice sculpture to look at. The structure it self is very cubic and rectangular and is comprised of nothing more than life size metal tinker toys. It almost looks like some sort of unfinished house or hut, or even a building that lost its funding midway through its construction.

The sculpture has a very rustic look and feel to it and it fits in very well with the surrounding rose gardens as well as the grey sky. The structure utilizes lots of negative space and incorporates symmetry and balance. It is also an interactive piece of artwork with the walking bridge/paths that go right through it. It’s funny to me that only one of the pathways connects all the way through while the other just stops midway through the sculpture. I'm not sure of the purpose of this, but to me it does make this sculpture a little more playful and deceiving.

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