Monday, March 7, 2011

Duane Hanson’s “Dishwasher”

This is Duane Hanson’s “Dishwasher” from the Portland Art Museum. It is made of resin and fiberglass. Everything about the piece, the texture, scale, and color, makes this huddle mass sitting in the corner resemble a tired dishwasher resting his feet. The figure is strikingly realistic and the details are thoroughly thought out. The soles of his shoes have holes in them and the proportions and pose really resembles a human sitting there. The viewer is able to walk around and see the piece from all angles, even the top of the dishwasher’s head. His skin and even his hair is crafted so it seems like the tactile texture would feel like real hair and skin if the viewer were allowed to touch it. The dirty, tired dishwasher in contrast to the clean white walls of the museum really makes this piece stand out.

-Vivian Hsu

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  1. Duane Hansen is in my favorite sculptors list for sure. While he's not really edgy or provocative, his characters and replications are amazing.

    I didn't know the PAM currently had one of his works. I wish I had a membership so I could go see it.