Sunday, March 6, 2011

Table for One

Last summer as I was hiking through Hoyt Arboretum I stumbled across a miniature chair and table that was located a few feet off one of the main hiking trails. Towering at four inches the miniature furniture was tucked into a divot at the base of a tree. No information about the artwork or artist was posted, but the intention of the composition suggests a familiarity to how we use furniture. The two freestanding objects were construction using wood, fabric, and glue. The top of the miniature table has melted candle wax indicating that it once held a burning candle. This could suggest it was built as some type of shrine or celebratory piece, but I think it was placed on the side of the trail for amusement to onlooking hikers. The most appealing contributer to the artwork is the negative space of the concave shaped tree trunk. The intentional placing of the miniature furniture in relation to the tree gives an aesthetically beautiful shape that frames the furniture as if it was located inside a tree house.

- Harley Wilkins

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