Saturday, March 5, 2011


Ming Fay’s, sci-fi inspired botanical form caught my eye at the Oregon Convention Center. This public art sculpture appears to have outgrown its tiny pedestal, and extends over the walkway. The gigantic glass flowers hover above the floor, held up by a bronze branch armature with a round, green gingko berry making up the base.

What makes this sculpture successful is not only the dynamic form, but well-picked color palette. The bright red, dominating flowers complement the green hue of the branches and gingko berry. Without color, the sculpture would not take on such a mysterious feel. Another successful element of this piece is the scale. With Fay’s Ginkgo Berry, we are placed in an “Alice in Wonderland” sort of world in which we are forced to compare Fay’s sculpture to the reality we live in.

Ming Fay uses his knowledge of gardening to create his own, hybrid plant species. Inspired by nature, specifically the plant world, Fay’s forms examine the symbolic qualities of flora and questions different culture’s methods of plant cultivation, trade, and exploration.

-Kristen Petsche

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