Sunday, January 9, 2011

Transference: Andy Paiko & Ethan Rose

I was lucky enough to be able to see "Transference" by Andy Paiko, a renown glass artist who lives in Portland, and Ethan Rose, a sound artist who also lives in Portland, at The Museum of Contemporary Craft.
Walking into the main lobby you are instantly gravitated to the wall of slowly spinning glass bowls. Each one is wired with a hand made glass arm with a moist piece of cloth on it that is randomly pressed against the bowl, making a sound. With about 20 of these bowls spinning and making sounds, the room is filled an eerie hum. Each bowl is a different size and hand made, so the sounds they make are all different pitches.
The constant spinning of the bowls and their little imperfections makes for an interesting change of negative and positive space. The bowls are similar enough though, that there is a lot of continuity between them all, giving this kinetic exhibit a sense of unity.

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