Sunday, January 9, 2011

Compliment II

Complement II

"A play on similarities and differences and how they benefit each other"-- Merrlee Moore Artist

Lake Oswego, Oregon, has an Art's Council, that is dedicated to beautifying their community. Every year they place a sculpture around different parts of the town. Sometimes they replace sculptures, or simply add new ones. The piece that I chose is a freestanding abstract piece by Merrlee Moore. It was a People's Choice winner in 2008.
This sculpture is two pieces, a fabricated grid with blown glass balls inside it, and a free form stainless steel piece. The shapes of both pieces are very curvy and flow,complimenting each other in not only shape, but color as well. The bright glass balls are different colors and have different patterns on them as well. The stainless steel piece, when looked closely at has a swirly texture. The coldness of the steel and the bright warm colors of the glass balls create a wonderful balence.

There is plenty of great positive and negative spaces as well. When looked at from different angles, different shapes and forms are visible that are not seen on just one plane. The rhythm of both these parts, create one very cohesive abstraction. This is a very large piece. Each part is close to six feet tall, and the whole piece together is approximately five and a half feet wide. Every time I drive by this piece, it is always shiny and bright, even on the cloudiest rainy day.
I think the grid part of this piece with the glass balls inside it reminds me of a ball pit that little kids play in. Even the connotations of a ball pit brings happy connotations I really enjoy looking at this piece.

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