Monday, January 10, 2011

Couch Park at NW Hoyt & 19th

So I like a bunch of the other students ran into the problem of my work schedule blocking out any chance of me being able to attend the first Thursday, and well any other gallery event in our time line. So I decided that I would choose this piece that is displayed in Couch Park at NW Hoyt and 19th, and sorry for the poor photo, my cell phone had to work since my camera died.

I was not able to find the name or any information regarding who built the piece or when. It is an abstract piece that is composed of metal “tubes” (I’m assuming) that are cut and welded together in a form that almost looks like a mushroom skeleton, if they had skeletons that is. The negative and positive spaces are very interesting as you move about the piece since it is not symmetrical, the arching inner pieces are what the eye follows to the focal point in the center of the piece leading to the base. The form is very interesting that measures about six feet wide, it is composed of geometric lines that are entirely straight until you get to a joint that is still straight, but implies that the corners are rounded. I enjoy how simplistic this piece is with the simple lines and the colors of the metals.

Amy Grider

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