Monday, January 10, 2011

Portland Art Museum

I was unable to attend the First Thursday, due to a conflict with my work schedule.  However, I did manage to go to the Portland Art Museum.  There was a sculpture there that was centered in the middle of the room.  It looked as though it had been a casting or a mold which was made out of brass.  It was larger in both size and mass than me.  The more time that I spent starring at it, the more that it reminded me of the flower from the Little Shop of Horrors.  The head is greatly oversized for the body of the sculpture.  The hair has pointed ends.  There are two layers of hair and they both appear to cover the head like a sunflower.  The sculpture looks as though it is a character from a video game or a anime; (in addition to the Little Shop of Horrors reference).  It’s nickel or silver eyes and mouth appear to be motionless and slightly open but dazed.  It’s nose is small and pointed and there appears to be hardware that is coming out of the objects face in multiple places.  Although this sculpture looks top heavy, there is still partial symmetrical balance with the exception of a few screws and the way that the limbs are placed.  
The subjects body  is approximately one quarter the size of it’s colossal head.  Its left leg is crossed indian style and its right leg is dangling.  Its left arm is also resting on its left leg with its elbow pointed out towards the wall.  It appears to be sitting on some sort of stump.
The stump is not resting on the ground but appears to be ridding on some sort of reptile.  I believe it to be a turtle.  The turtle’s mouth is slightly open and appears to be, in my personal opinion, in some sort of pain.  It is probably from carry that huge head around.  
To me this sculpture is just interesting and different.  It is fun to look at things that you would not come up with on your own. 

-Heather Herberg

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