Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Create a Custom Cruiser

Materials – skateboard deck, new griptape, jigsaw, sander or sand paper, blowdryer, chalk, spraypaint, a pencil, paper.
  1. Draw out a board shape with your pencil and paper.
  2. Once you find a design you like, use chalk and draw your design on the grip tape of the skateboard deck.
  3. Next, use your jigsaw to cut out your board design.
  4. Once your design is cut, peel off the grip tape from the top of the board (it may help to use a blow dryer to loosen up the grip tape).
  5. Next, use your sander to round edges and take off the bottom graphic.
  6. Use your spray paint to create your board graphic.
  7. Apply a new sheet of grip tape, and you have your very own custom cruiser!
- Jordan Lane

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